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28 Nov 2017
EA wants to offer you FIFA 18 total football on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch. In our review, we'll tell you if the new story, career and Ultimate Team modes really make sense.

Electronic Arts (EA) has certainly hit the nerve of the fans with its predecessor and story mode . Single-player modes and campaigns continue to be popular with players, not just in titles like Street Fighter 5 or Star Wars Battlefront 2 . For this reason, EA has probably also decided to continue the story mode "The Journey" in FIFA 18 , again with the youngsters Alex Hunter.

This time Alex has the chance to play at other big clubs in Europe, such as Real Madrid. If he can do it? It depends on your qualities as a player and your decisions. In story mode, you're faced with difficult decisions that significantly affect the story of "The Journey," according to EA.

The best players in FIFA 18

A big novelty is the ability to co-op the story mode of FIFA 18 ultimate team free coinsSo EA puts on couch co-op and we welcome that very much. Nowadays, co-op modes in blockbuster format multiplayer games are not a matter of course.

Individualists are also happy to be able to equip Alex Hunter according to their own preferences. So you can give him a new hairstyle with big cats look. If you reach a certain salary structure, you can obviously unlock new hairstyles.

While these may be nice additions to FIFA 18, many may wonder what it looks like to be in suspense and variety in story mode coin master android hackThe predecessor repeated many processes. Over long periods of time, training sessions and competitive games alternated, without, for example, cut-scenes loosening up the whole thing a bit. Whether this year's story mode in FIFA 18 beats well in the long term can not be said yet. It takes more time. We will update this test once again after publication and inform you whether the story mode is fun for a long time.

That's FIFA 18

Of course, to write history in story mode, you have to be able to play well, and as with every start of a FIFA game, it takes a bit of getting used to it. When it comes to gameplay, however, FIFA 18 does not differ much from its predecessor. It's a catchy football game that you can have fun with quickly. Even newcomers are well integrated in EA's new sports title and quickly achieve success. Whether with short-pass play or flank and header: You use various means to leave the field after the final whistle. With tactical settings and difficult tricks, advanced players can continue working on their match plan.

FIFA 18 coin generator xbox one is playing really well, although goalies do not always shine during the test. Goalkeepers score some goals in the corners of the goal, but the goalkeepers move in the right direction, but without really jumping there. Glittering parades, we also see every now and then.